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Nu simplitatea

Posted: Aprilie 6, 2012 in Diverse
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Nu simplitatea

Stiu ca uneori gafaim cand alergam atat de repede in bratele linistii, limpezimii si caldurii
Stii ca uneori ne impiedicam si radem, in bratele confortabilului, a visarii, a ne-rupturii
Stim ca uneori ne alambicam in cuvintele propriului ideal, pe care ni-l visam inca la inceput
Ca unii copii care nu uita nimic niciodata, niciun revelion si nicio zi de nastere, crezand ca nasterea e perpetua,

Nu moartea.

Stiu ca mai uit de tine, de mine, de egoism si patima, din virulenta si virilitate
Stii ca mai uiti de mine, de tine, de lipsa si limita, din  frica si feminitate
Stim ca nu ne-ar dezlipi nici Dumnezeirea care credem ca ne-a imbinat inca de la inceput
Ca unii artisti care nu uita niciodata ideea, fiecare cautare, fiecare renastere, crezand ca energia e perpetua,

Nu imbatranirea.

Stiu ca mai obosesti de rime, de mime, de raspunsuri si solutii
Stii ca mai adormi cu mine, de somn si pofta subconstientului de lumina
Stim ca ceea ce e pretios se desfasoara in noi doi impreuna
Ca un amorez care isi incalta noii pantofi, crezand ca frumusetea e perpetua,

Nu simplitatea.


Little children, a childish love poem

Posted: Noiembrie 13, 2008 in Diverse


The most existing thing it is to redefine, the tender words and tender thoughts
And for re-living that strange “you’re mine”, it is like twisters and lighthouses
And it breaks my heart into one single big picture. The picture of your easy eyes, watching the hard time passing.
Being sad and growing mad for the memory that rebuilds my-self ‘cause of you, that is what people call sunshine, which is what they call suspension.
Suspend my crazy willing of running and letting me be afraid the way every-single one of us should be.
Some should strongly re-live they lives into forgiveness, some should revise what a single feeling is, and mostly why it is. You should let it be the way I made it when I dreamt for those hundreds of hours, oh should I be trusted into my talent? Should I be trusted in what your mad and sad eyes make me be? Oh should I even be regarded?
The poem of needs, when need is consuming the order that put the stars into this design, and made you my personal Jesus and one of the best designers my heart ever experienced.

(pentru Irina B.)