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I love everything about TED and I commit my daily efforts to help spread the word, the ideas. Hopefully one day I can come up with such an extraordinary idea and share it with the world and with this community. Until that day comes, I can only enjoy these amazing people and reflect on their amazing ideas.I was born three years before the revolution that took place throughout the socialist countries in Europe, in Romania in the mid-eighties. My parents were, to some extent, against the regime, and they have taught me to think on my own, to search for freedom of expression, to choose my own beliefs and morals. I was raised in a cultural pro-eminent environment and I quickly develop a strong attachement for literature and theater, as ways of escapism, freedom, imagination enhancers and humanity triggers. I believe, looking back towards the most intense experiences in my life, that it’s safe to say I appreciate courage and that I navigated between thinking and meditating and actually doing things. Sports, a deep inherited love for nature and strong role-models shaped me into becoming a man of the people, and I often praised kindness and altruism, as well as friendship and love. On the other hand, I must admit to a strong leadership feeling that also made me face some sort of arrogance and self-sufficiency, with which I’ve struggled long since I began to self-shape my morals and values. I believe that one of my greatest features is empathy, and I must say it got me to deal with some seemingly unsolvable matters during my life experience. Nevertheless, the genuine curiosity I was born with made me accomplish things one could only dream of, in a certain way that kept me from sliding to what is mostly accepted as wrong or damaging. I cherish the human creativity and I try to always keep in mind the bigger picture, accepting that exactly at the point when I feel it’s the biggest I could grasp, I have to dig deeper, or to try harder. Or both. I am not a religious person, but I always focus on my spiritual insight, and reading as well as theater made me expand my consciousness up to the point where I can grasp, feel and understand religion and the idea of God and relate to it in a so called own way. Moreover, I try to stay in touch with the pragmatic view of the world, although it’s sometimes exhausting. But then there’s always writing and loving that frees me. Despite some disadvantages -as one could name them-, related to the fact that I developed in a country that is poor, somewhat chaotic, filled with ignorance and corruption on every level, showing some immense lack in infrastructure, political normality and other important issues that sustain a proper environment for a human being, I have also been blessed with a good education and some important and life-changing encounters, that have shaped me into becoming a better man, with hopes of a better future. Furthermore, I cannot begin to emphasize the importance that traveling and encountering new cultures and people had in this development of mine. On a more intimate scale, I would reveal myself as a romantic, a believer and an incurable dreamer, that has the nerves to confront anyone with a slightly mean attitude or discriminating view, but also holds some bits of soul that is intact and innocent, ready to be shared with the ones I love and cherish, on the extent that those could be, and hopefully would be one, all of us. All in all, I only wish to acquire whatever it takes so that at one point in life to know for sure that I did the best I could, and that others could find me to be a trustworthy person, kind, loving and caring, and that my kids can say about their dad, without even blinking, that he is a good man. That, in fact, I wish for all of us!

Sexual education is mandatory throughout every teenaged child and would make an immense difference in the quality of everyone’s life, in the way we perceive ourselves and others. I live in a country that has a growing number of abuses, violence, misinformed teens, pre-conceived ideas and discrimination, all of wich are partly or fully sexual-related. Hopefully I could join efforts with activist around the world -especially in wealthier countries- that can help by lending a hand, a piece of advice or even some expertise related to this matter. As I have obtained feed-back from numerous different people, with different backgrounds, I have come to the conclusion that this collective effort it’s a must, and I shall commit every ounce of energy and every available resource to build up a solid medium of information sex-related, on the extent of social paradigms, un-discriminatory policies and health care issues. I therefore emphasize the need of any kind of help one could offer.Thank you!

My story is more of an idea that struck my mind as a result of a deep concern in youth, teens, generations to follow, as I was scanning to understand what theater should expect from its audience to come. I then emerged into becoming a somewhat sexual-health activist. I therefore borrowed the new ways of communication -internet and related means- and used them for raising awareness towards the tremendous benefits of what a clear and healthy approach to sex could bring to all of us,but mostly to youngsters. The  lack of information related to the subject that I have witnessed and the never-enough efforts the public educational system is doing in this direction, confirmed my presumption about the urgent and mandatory need for a proper information system concerning sex and everything related to it. Having no space to dig in deeper and display the shocking realities that our country is dealing with, I would conclude saying that this can be changed and it’s worth every effort.